Welcome to AnimeReactor!


Hi everyone!

Welcome to AnimeReactor. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

What is AnimeReactor? That’s a very good question. We go somewhat into detail regarding who and what we are on our About page. Those of you that want a quick summation though: AnimeReactor used to be an old Anime convention website that held Anime conventions in the early 2,000s. We are not impersonating them, nor are we trying to replace them, but we are interesting in carrying on their legacy, in at least some form or manner, by keeping their name alive.

We plan on posting tons of pics, videos, news and reviews on the site, so if you’re into any of that, don’t be afraid to bookmark us and come back in the future! We’d love for you to stay. Especially if you want to spark a conversation. We’d love a good chat, or even debate.

So wish us good luck, and let’s do this!