Our Top Dubbed Anime List

Anime is (normally) released only in Japanese, and many anime fans around the world prefer to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. We understand that, as English dubs can often ruin an anime series if they are handled poorly or have voice actors that feel as though they’re just reading a script.

We aim to post a list of anime series that we believe have the highest quality English dubs available. This list isn’t based solely off of personal opinion, however, as we’re including lists and opinions from websites like AnimeNewsNetwork, MyAnimeList, Ranker and Reddit, to name a few.

#1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

“In order for something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost.”

Considered by many to be the best anime of all time, not just in English, we had no choice but to list this as the #1. It stars Vic Mignogna as Edward Elric, one of two brothers on a quest to reunite his brother, Alphonse’s soul with his body, trapped in another dimension, as the result of a failed attempt at resurrecting their dead mother through alchemy as children.

#2 Steins;Gate

“If you want to grant your own wish, then you should clear your own path to it.”

Although not your typical shounen or romcom anime series, Steins;Gate has main character Rintarou Okabe, the self-proclaimed “Crazy Mad Scientist”, shoulder the burden that comes along with the mysterious item he has created – A phone that allows the holder to alter the past – which in doing so – changes the present.

What would you do if you had the power to alter the history of the world?

#3 Clannad: After Story

“Sanae-san told me, places that I can cry are in a toilet, or in daddy’s arms.”

Make sure if you’re going to watch one of the greatest anime sequels ever crafted – Clannad: After Story – then you have a box of tissues by your side.

The series features both Tomoya and Nagisa, having graduated from high school, trying to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of growing up into adults, starting a family, and being there to support one another, while dealing with personal problems, relationships with their friends, and new bonds being made.

#4 Dragon Ball Z

“You may have taken over my mind and my body, but there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps! His PRIDE!!”

You cannot be an anime fan and not have heard about Dragon Ball Z. The sequel to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z follows kind-hearted hero Goku on his quest to become the strongest martial artist in the world (Universe, even!) Followed by his best friend Krillin, nemesis Piccolo, rival Vegeta, and son, Gohan, the “Z-Fighters” have to protect Earth from extraterrestrial invasions, wars, gods, and beings from other universes, and timelines, trying to bring destruction to the world they call home. The dub was released quite a while ago, but still has one of the strongest English dubs ever recorded.

#5 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

“The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed.”

One of the many epic quotes of Lelouch Lamperouge that you will end up hearing throughout the series. Code Geass follows high schooler, Lelouch, as he undertakes a rebellion under the guise of Black Knights rebel leader, Zero, with the sole purpose of getting revenge on his father, the King of Britannia, for the death of his mother. Following him are his best friend, Suzaku, who happens to pilot a “Knightmare” – mecha used by Britannia to wage war on the world, and C.C (C2 in English), a strange witch that gave Lelouch the power to control the human mind.

#6 Spirited Away

“Don’t worry! You’ve got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.”

Not so much an anime series as an anime film. One of the best, actually. Chihiro is a young, naive, spoiled young girl, that ends up stumbling upon the entrance to the spirit world. After crossing over into it, Chihiro embarks on an adventure to try and save her family, with the help of her new friend Haku, and return home to our world.

#7 Cowboy Bebop

“Just a humble bounty hunter, ma’am.”

Cowboy Bebop is a cult classic. Spike Spiegel is your average bounty hunter. With his crew consisting of Ein, Faye, and Edward Wong, the crew embark on a journey of self discovery while slowly uncovering each others dark pasts.

Now, this list currently goes up to #7, however, it’ll be updated constantly as we continue to add new series to the list. While these anime are no doubt very highly rated, the list is subjective, and not in any way to be taken as fact. It is after all, an opinion, and like any opinion, people will likely disagree with it, and that is understandable.

Now, these are the top released dubbed anime, not subtitled anime. Subtitled anime will have its own page later on, this is, as stated earlier, simply our list of the top English dubbed anime.

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